Covid 19 Updates


Bookings now being taken

When Open

Covid 19 health and safety courses have been undertaken and government policies are followed, so there will be changes to the environment and the treatments available.

There will be fewer appointments available, due to the complete cleaning needed between clients.

You will be able to book all treatments 

I wear face mask and visor and disposable apron. I am also tested for covid 19 weekly.

While face coverings for clients are not manditory, it is advised.

There are triple layer washable masks, with moisture resistant filter fabric  center, available for a discounted amount of £5 (usually £6) or disposable ones for £1 for those who would like to purchase one.

Temperatures will be taken upon arrival and hand sanitiser available and must be used upon entering..

Risk assessment and procedures in place

Objective: To keep the workplace clean and prevent transmission by touching contaminated surfaces.

Steps put in place:

Clearing of workspace, regularly used items stored in lidded plastic boxes.

Hand sanitiser in place on entrance and in workspace.

Tissues provided and client informed if they feel the need to cough or sneeze, they must use a tissue and put it in the bin provided afterwards. Hand sanitiser must be used or hands must be wash throughly after.

Poster in toilet washbasin area to build awareness of good hand washing techniques.

Paper towels provided for drying hands.

Prior notice given and sign outside to say temperature will be taken prior to entrance for appointments.

Anyone with symptoms of temperature, coughing or loss of taste/smell will be asked not to attend.

Spacing appointments to allow for cleaning and sanitising of work areas, frequently touched areas, toilets and equipment used between each client. Maintaining good ventilation by opening windows between each client.

Waste ie used couch roll, tissues etc to be removed in bag and disposed of after each client.

Couch covered in plastic sheeting for ease of cleaning.

Used towels removed in black bag for washing after each clients use. Replaced with clean towels after couch sanitised ready for new client.

Appropriate PPE worn by therapist and face masks available clients to buy if required. Twice weekly covid tests done.