What are the benefits of Reflexology?


There are many areas of health that reflexology can help with, below are just a few examples …….


Relief from physical symptoms

It can boost a sluggish circulation and is useful for treating stress, anxiety, back pain, migraine, poor digestion, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), respiratory problems, asthma, headache, bladder problems, menopausal symptoms, period pain and helps boost fertility and is an ideal treatment towars the end of pregnancy. I also offer couples, private classes for birthing partners to learn some reflexology to use during labour.

It can also relieve the pain of multiple sclerosis (MS) and cancer treatments, but it should not replace conventional drugs like chemotherapy.


You may also experience…

Increased energy levels

Improved relaxation and sleep 

Lower blood pressure




  Price List


  Initial consultation                        

  and treatment                                  £32


  Follow up sessions 


  30 Minutes                                         £18

  45 Minutes                                         £28

  60 Minutes                                         £32


  Children                                             £10

  Babies under 12 months                 £5


  Home visits available to those who cannot get to me, but an additional charge will  be  made for fuel and time, according to distance.



  10% Discount when buying a block of 5 Sessions 


  Gift vouchers available